Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Little Fish!

So, Kingston LOVES water!  As long as the temperature is warm, he doesn't want to get out!  

His first bath!  This was from a while ago but I thought I'd include it cause he's so cute!

His first swim w. Mom & Dad!

Leaving the pool.

He slept for 5 hours after this, he was pooped!  We are going to start swimming lessons with him when he's 4 months old.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photo Shoot!

We asked Lani of Captivated Photography, a friend of mine, to take some newborn photos of Kingston.  He was a little older than we had originally planned, but the photos turned out fabulous because he was awake the entire time.  He was  a little more difficult to manouvre but Lani was so great!  There are quite a few cause I can't pick any faves!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


My Mom treated my sister and I to a girls weekend away in Vancouver over the September long weekend. It was also Kingston's first flight and chance to meet his great Aunt's and Uncle's out West.  He was fantastic on the flights to my pleasant surprise!  But, he has been such a great baby so far that I shouldn't have been so surprised!  I didn't take many photos (again) but I caught a few when we went out to Whiterock.

King's first dip in the Pacific Ocean! He LOVED it, he couldn't stop watching the water roll in.