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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 31st Birthday Weekend!

Well, I turned 31 this past Friday! And, it was very special...I had a new little someone to celebrate with! And to top it all off, Kingston started walking!  Anyway, we headed up to Sherwood Park to celebrate with my family. Aaron, King & I went to Millennium to swim on Friday (this place was awesome!) Then Aaron took me out to the Lux (one of my faves) for dinner, sans the little guy. THANK YOU NANA, PAPA, AUNTIE KENDALL & UNCLE AARON for babysitting! Saturday, we had a joint birthday/Father's Day dinner at Mom & Dad's, and Sunday we went out for an early dinner with the Schulha families. It was a jam packed weekend! I didn't get any photos on Saturday but here's a few cute ones I thought I'd share...

Eating ice cream with Grandpa! 

Showing off my belly with Auntie Lindsay!

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