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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Westerner Days!

Aaron and I have never made it to the Parade at Westerner Days because we never really had a reason to go.  Well, this year we had our first reason!  I was really looking forward to taking King just because I know how much he loves to be outdoors and the weather was beautiful.  We didn't make it for all of it (maybe next year!) but our first family parade was very successful.  Kingston hasn't sat that still in his stroller since he was 6 months old!

The same evening we decided to check out the Westerner Days exhibition with Auntie Kenni & Uncle Aaron.  King is too young for rides but we still had a good time checking them out.  We had the most fun at the Chuckwagon Races though.  The boys were VERY happy because you could buy beer there; I think we probably should've hit the races first!  Kingston was also very intrigued by the action.  He loved waving his arms and yelling at the horses, very cute!

Spending quality time together as a happy family!  Haha!

Laughing so hard at the horses!

Cheering loud!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To The Zoo!

Aaron and I have been waiting to take Kingston to the Calgary Zoo until he was at least a little bit old enough to enjoy it.  So this weekend, Mom, Dad, Kenni, Aaron, Aaron, Kingston & I all headed to the Zoo.  I was SO excited, I haven't been since since I was a little kid and I always hear how awesome it is.  And it didn't disappoint!
Ps. There's lots of pics in this post.