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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

King's 1st Birthday Party!

Well, the time has finally come...the not-so-little guy turned 1!  We celebrated his birthday party on Canada Day, a few days before the actual day.  Lots of our awesome friends and family came to party with the little dude which was really special, especially for Mommy & Daddy!  King had a blast.  In fact, I don't really remember spending too much time with him because he was too busy doing his own thing with everyone else! Most of these pics are because Auntie Kenni was on the ball...thanks Auntie!!

Morning of the party...anxiously waiting!

LOVE this photo of the birthday boy!

Laughing at all the party goers antics!

This is the AMAZING cake that Auntie Kenni made with the help of a friend!  I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest thing ever, Gunny did too!  It was a very special surprise.

As if the cake wasn't enough, he thought he'd share a dixie cup with Grandpa!

A roller coaster from Auntie Kenni & Uncle Aaron, how fitting!  We've discovered over the past few months that our little angel is a bit of a daredevil...the faster the better!  He's going to have a blast in D-World!!

Perhaps the cutest photo of all time!  Daddy & Uncle Ryan as spotters, and notice cute little cousin Raegan in the back as the "pusher"!  So cute :)

Gunner getting in on the action!

"Every King needs a castle" - Mom Schulha!  Birthday gift from Mom & Dad Schulha, Uncle Ryan & Auntie Michelle, Raegan & Evan.  This was a party hit with all the little kiddos!

 The aftermath!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us!  Xo.

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