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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Somebody's Got Hives!

This is my first post with no pictures...sorry!  But unfortunately the little guy was not in much of a mood to show off his new found complexion.  Of course, the one night when I'm home alone with King he develops hives.  I first noticed it when I put him in the bath and it got progressively worse as the night went on.  I finally decided to take him to the hospital when I saw how bad it had gotten.  I rushed out of the house (poor little Gunny didn't know what had happened, a very concerned big bro) and picked up Aaron from volleyball.  We went to the ER and got in immediately...thank you RD Hospital!  Turns out he had a severe case of Hives.  From what, we have NO idea.  Doc loaded him up on steroids and Benadryl and a banana popsicle from the two lovely nurses who just couldn't get enough of his cuteness...hive covered and all!

Long story short, the hives were gone by the time we got home from the hospital and although he had a rough sleep it looks like we got through the worst of it.  What a little trooper our Kinger is, he's been dealing with a terrible cold and flu bug for the last week and a half and this was just the icing on the cake!

Next post will be more uplifting, promise!

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  1. Oh no, first visit to the ER is never fun for mom and dad!! Hope he bounces back quick