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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, October 29, 2012


GrAuntie Leslie spoils Kingston (and all of us) each holiday and it was no different this time around!  Halloween came early at the Schulha household with lots of yummy treats (for Mom & Dad), some Maui spending $, and a couple special gifts for the little man.  He LOVES books and cheerios, so when this brilliant author thought up the idea of a book that you place cheerios in, they really nailed it on the head!  He also loves the Charlie Brown books that he can press all the buttons along to...another well thought out idea!  And lastly, he loves the copious amounts of tissue paper that go along with GrAuntie Leslie's wrap jobs, very entertaining!

And this is just cute...a not-so-impressed Gunner!

This is so cute, having a good chuckle with Auntie!

Kingston decided to give Gunny his early Halloween toy, which he loved.  He did not want to share this with Kinger so he left!

Happy early Halloween!  

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