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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Watching My Cuz's Ringette Game!

Kingston and I ventured out to Lacombe to watch Raegan & Evan's ringette game while Aaron was out of town, and we had a blast!  King kept calling the ring a "ball" but his attention to that "ball" was fantastic!  Auntie Michelle had King all to herself, which I think she enjoyed :)  Can't wait to watch King's games when he's a bit older!  But I've been told to be careful what I wish for, they grow up way too fast.

 King wanted to carry a stick so bad, he carried it all the way down the hallway.  Think we have a future hockey player on our hands!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happiest Birthday Nana!

Wishing my wonderful Mom and Kingston's very special Nana a very happy birthday!  We love you SO MUCH!

I'm not sure why we keep encouraging Kingston to help blow out the candles on birthday cakes, we all avoid the piece that he blows on!!

Christmas in Sherwood Park!

Ok, I think this is the last Christmas post!  See how spoiled we are!  
I was really looking forward to Christmas morning this year with Kingston because he was a little older and it was worth it!  Although he still might be a little young to rip open presents from Santa, he sure got a kick out of all the tissue paper that my sister stuffed into all of Harley's gifts!  He is definitely a ham with a very "radiant" personality!  Love him to pieces...

Back to Christmas morning...we didn't get up and moving until around 9AM (we had a nice little sleep in courtesy of our little boy).  But he was the official waker-upper of the rest of the household.  A nice little Christmas morning yell in the ear!  Very radiant, as i mentioned.  After all the gift opening ceased (took a while - we are very spoiled!) we continued with champagne and cranberry / orange juice and a big breakfast.  Later we celebrated with some more drinking, a big turkey dinner and some heated game playing!  A fantastic Christmas spent with my amazing family.

Telling Harley all about my new Christmas pjs from Nana & Papa!

Can you believe it??!?!  A new HARLEY!  From Papa and Nana of course!

Auntie showing Kinger (blinking!) his new LOL Elmo, which he giggles at constantly!

A little tuckered after the morning festivities!

 LOVING his new Hot Wheels!

We hope you all had a wonderfully amazing Christmas holiday like we did! 

Christmas in St. Albert!

We had a very busy year this Christmas after arriving home from Maui and we enjoyed every single minute of it.  It's just not Christmas if I'm not running around like a crazy person!  

King was able to spend a whole day with his two cousins, Raegan & Evan, who he adores.  It was really fun this year watching them play together, I can hardly wait until he gets a little older.  The whole gang was there (not that I captured a picture of this) but it's true.  Even Grandma Schulha had a place card on the mantle!  A wonderful day spent with a wonderful family.  Oh, and we got spoiled too!

King's new jacket from Auntie Michelle & Uncle Ryan!  How adorable!!  It'll be perfect for his new Harley (yep, that's right!)

Playing Just Dance (I don't know which version we're on now!)

 The lovely hosts!

 Timeout for a back rub!

Having a ball with Katie!

 Grandpa was having a good laugh with the little man too!

Look at those expressions, priceless!!  Perhaps one of my fave pics of all time.  Little kid and big kid!