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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in MAUI!!

This is a long post!  I just have too many photos that I want to share (of the ~350 that I took!)
My family had been looking forward to our trip to Maui for a while and it definitely didn't disappoint.  Mom and Dad headed down a few days early (to get some quiet time I'm sure!) and the rest of the troops arrived with no issues; it was a perfect (direct) flight to Maui.  The rents met us at the airport, lei's in hand and we started off to the Honua Kai Resort & Spa (FABULOUS!!!)
My photos are a little Kingston heavy but try to enjoy the scenery behind him as well!  
Here we go...

Hanging in the VIP lounge at YEG before we head out.  The staff even spoiled King with his own special pancakes!  

Checking out the view!

Haha!  This was how tuckered he was after only being there for 1/2 day!

Love the expression!  A bird just took off after he stalked it for a while!

Of course, a puppy!

Sitting on the largest Banyan tree in whole world in Lahaina.

Awww, my Pops and Son!

This was really cool!  Thousands of bikers rode through town for Toys for Tots!  It was extremely LOUD and AWESOME!  King couldn't stop watching.  

The resort's beachfront restaurant.  World famous!  Kenni LOVED the Hula Pie and even went back for 2nd's!  (Sorry Kenni!)

Our Christmas tree!

My fave guy with his fave drink!

Some tired eyes!

This little friend came up on our beach to have a snooze...for two days!  How nice!

Off to whale watch!

 Thank you to my wonderful parents for an unforgettable Christmas vacay!  We had a blast, especially little Kinger!  

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  1. Oh Erin....looks like you guys had an unbelievable time. Great pictures!