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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in St. Albert!

We had a very busy year this Christmas after arriving home from Maui and we enjoyed every single minute of it.  It's just not Christmas if I'm not running around like a crazy person!  

King was able to spend a whole day with his two cousins, Raegan & Evan, who he adores.  It was really fun this year watching them play together, I can hardly wait until he gets a little older.  The whole gang was there (not that I captured a picture of this) but it's true.  Even Grandma Schulha had a place card on the mantle!  A wonderful day spent with a wonderful family.  Oh, and we got spoiled too!

King's new jacket from Auntie Michelle & Uncle Ryan!  How adorable!!  It'll be perfect for his new Harley (yep, that's right!)

Playing Just Dance (I don't know which version we're on now!)

 The lovely hosts!

 Timeout for a back rub!

Having a ball with Katie!

 Grandpa was having a good laugh with the little man too!

Look at those expressions, priceless!!  Perhaps one of my fave pics of all time.  Little kid and big kid!

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