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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Momsie's Are the Best!

Mother's Day was a very busy weekend.  1. We had breakfast with Grammie (Aaron's Mom) at Cora - my absolute fave - on Saturday.  2. Aaron surprised me with a fancy steak dinner (another fave) on Saturday night; and 3. To celebrate my Mom and my Grandma for Mother's Day, we went to Northern Bear Golf Resort for breakfast.  It was fantastic, minus the few extra pounds!

At the golf course King just wanted to play golf and watch the guys on carts; good thing there's lots of windows.  I think he had the most fun chasing the golf balls that Daddy kept throwing in the air!  

No pics of our little family with the Mom's (they hate photos - who can blame them!) but they truly are the bestest, most wonderful Mom's; we, and especially Kingston, love them to pieces.  I am also a very blessed little Mama...I love my very characteristic little dude and my Gunny SO MUCH!!

Haha!  This kid just loves life!

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