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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 7, 2013

King Turns Two!

I can't believe it...Kingston is 2!!  We are so proud of our little dude, he is truly the most entertaining two year old we know!

So, to celebrate we threw a fantastic party at Nana & Papa's.  King had a blast playing with his cousins, the food was fabulous, he was spoiled rotten (no surprise!) and he fell asleep almost the second the last party guests departed!  All in all, a wonderful day spent with the most fantastic family in the whole world.  A very special thank you to Nana who helped with all the decorating and cooking, and to a very thoughtful Auntie Kenni who baked the most incredible cake I've ever seen!  Just wait till you see the photos...ahh, the suspense!!


Nana found this fantastic idea on Pinterest.  Aren't they the cutest?!!

Uncle showing Kingston the "Happy Gilmore"!

The Lorax is King's FAVORITE movie by a long shot!  He was SO EXCITED to see this cake.  How incredibly awesome is this??  I didn't think Kenni could top last year, but she a long shot!!  

Some serious cousin love!

Haha!  A true sign of a great party...he gets this from his Dadddy!!

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