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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Surf's Up!

And so are we!  It's like King knows when the weather's nice out cause he's always up bright and early ready to take on the day!  So, good for him.....and us I guess!  

Off to the outdoor pool we go whenever the sun is nice and hot.  It's a fabulous place to take Kinger and it's actually quite nice for Aar & I.  We've only been a few times and we always seem to get rockstar beach chairs so no complaints here!  I'm sure we'll have many more outings here, at least we hope so.

Some of my most fave pics of Kingston are in the water.  It's just he's such a little daredevil it's sometimes hard to snap a photo before he's attempting his next feat!  So these are mostly when he's somewhat relaxing, SO CUTE!

Like father like son!

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