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Friday, July 19, 2013

Westerner Days!

This year we happened to be in town for Westerner Days so we decided to take full advantage.  We went to the parade on Wednesday morning (we missed the first hour!) but we still got to see ALOT!  Then we took Kinger to the exhibition that evening.  We went to Superdogs which was so cute!  King loved all the puppies running around.  He even got to meet the pups after the show, and we ended up adopting a little furry beagle named Coco (he is a stuffed furry little friend)!

Next, our little ride freak (he comes by it honestly - we all LOVE rides!) hand picked the rides he wanted to go on.  He was a little small but they let it slide.  He rode the rollercoaster with Dad (Aar said he easily could've gone by himself), the Monster Trucks with Mom (he giggled every time they shook like crazy), and the Hot Wheels motorcycles.  Hot Wheels was hands down his favorite ride, I think he rode it about 4 or 5 times.  The lady working the ride didn't even make him get off, she just stopped every once in a while to let on a new intake of kiddies.  Aar & I just sat on the nearby bench and watched him, it was really entertaining.  He was in his element!!

Conclusion: The kid needs to go to Disneyland, ASAP!!

Enjoy the pics!

This was King's fave - a guy on a Harley with his pup in the sidecar!  His two favorite things!!

Another fan favorite!

He was cheering very loud!  Too cute!

"Please, can I ride again?"!!!

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